Where Can I Find Dates – By Ernest Quansah

“This book is right on. It is going to help a lot of men, especially learning all the places they can find dates—and it is going to help women too. I love it.”

“The most significant book on love and relationship success I’ve read! I highly recommend it.”

Do you believe in love? Did you know that 99% of men and—particularly—women who filled out our online survey questionnaire said that they believe in love and want to know how to find it? In the second edition of Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships, we have added information on some of the most effective ways we have discovered through research for where and how to find love. Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships 2nd Edition will help you find love and lasting happiness.

Did you know that despite some of the changing social trends, many women tell us that when they date, they go into a relationship with the hope that the relationship will lead to marriage? Our manual, Relationship Success Workbook with Answer Sheet has been carefully compiled with the right relationship success questions to help you discover what you and your significant other need to do to “break-up proof” your relationship, make it flourish, and find true happiness is yours FREE.

And there is also information for those interested in or with questions about interracial dating or interracial relationships.

Are you in an interracial relationship? It is the fastest-growing type of relationship in North America. One out of every seven love relationships in North America is interracial. How can you make yours work? See our book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships for answers.

In our book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer…

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