Romancing a Loved one with Custom Jewelry

Romancing a Loved one with Custom Jewelry

Jewelery is inextricably linked with romance. As a gift, jewels have always meant something special and personal. Giving someone a beautiful thing is about as romantic as you can get. Special rings and custom made jewelery are also important gifts, meaning the relationship has moved to another level. With modern technology and a new generation of jewelers, romance has also taken on a new lease of life in customized jewels, and some are pretty spectacular. 

Jewels, Meanings and Romance

Custom jewelery is ideal for the truly special gift. A custom design can refer to an event or shared experience, something that only the giver and recipient understand. The custom jewelery commemorates that secret moment or deep shared personal event. This is really a lovers code, incomprehensible to others, which makes it even more fun.For a really romantic gift, there are almost no limits. The most beautiful graphic designs can be turned into jewelery with the help of a skilled jeweler. 

Custom made Jewelery, Basics

Custom made jewelry is jewelry made to your specifications. It’s also a good excuse for jewelers, who are trained in design as part of their fundamental skills, to show what they can do. This is how custom jewelry is made:

Custom made jewelery is based on a special design concept.

You meet with the jeweler, and explain your idea. (Bring a visual design, if you have one, to help explain what you want. The more specific you are, the better, and the jeweler will be able to reproduce your design more efficiently.)
The jeweler costs the materials and labor, and gives you a quote and time frame. (Note: Complex designs really can take a lot of time. Jewelers may have to work with gems and other materials which have to be cut and shaped very precisely. For things like diamond rings, a fitting may be required.)
If you OK the quote, the jeweler will make the design as specified.

Jewelery design concepts
The more thought and planning you put into your design idea, the better the result is likely to be. Many jewelery designs include a range of issues:

Precious metals: Do you want gold, platinum, white gold or another metal as the base of your design?
Gems: What are your preferred gemstones and color schemes?

Matching pieces: Do you want matching pieces, like a ring and a necklace with the same design, or perhaps a brooch? (This approach can include a piece containing the design in clear perspective, and matching pieces having the design in miniature.)

Inscriptions: A statement, a single word, or a name are common inscriptions. The rule of thumb is that you can have whatever you can fit on the metal. Anything is possible, if the jeweler says it can be done.
A Truly Romantic Gift

The result will be a unique gift, unlike anything else in the world. That’s one of the reasons custom jewelery is so romantic. It’s a special thing between two people. It really is better to give than to receive.

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