Relationship Experts Advice for Issues

Relationship Expert Advice

I am no relationship expert. My experience and understanding of relationships and several articles on relationships written on content sites might have earned me this tag and I should admit that I am flattered by all this. I get mails from people whom I don’t even know confiding me about their problems and asking me for advice. Even my friends have always trusted me with their problems and issues whether it is marital or dating and hoped that I will have a solution for them. And fortunately I also have been able to come up with the right advice and counseling too. I have often wondered many times that what the qualities which makes relationship experts. I guess some of these qualities may be listening skills, analyzing things without being judgmental and experience with similar situations.

My belief is that when you have a problem the first place to look for an answer is within yourself. Also if anyone is behaving in a particular manner to you it is mostly because you have given them the reason to behave so. I am a firm believer of ‘what you give is what you get’. I am perfectly alright with my close friends coming with their problems to me. But after seeing some of my Articles based on the relationship issues of my friends I have complete strangers sending me mails asking for support or advice which makes me want to laugh. I sincerely think that such problems should be left to experts. However, through this blog I would be discussing some tips for building good relationships and dealing with problems.

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