How to know if you are a Clingy Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

How to know if you are a clingy Girlfriend

Are you a clingy Girlfriend or Boyfriend? If you are stop right now! Being clingy is one of the major reasons why a girl or guy may get dumped and I am sure you would not want to be in that situation. Majority of men and women I know find clingy partners annoying. However, there were some exceptions too. A 72 year old rich man whom I have always seen in the company of a 20-30 year old woman admitted that a clingy partner gave him an ego boost. 2-3 other men I knew told that they have enjoyed the attention from such women at the initial stages of the relationship but later on they found it annoying. I even have a couple of friends who dumped their partners because of it. But the sad fact is that many men and woman are not even aware that they are being clingy. Are there any signs to know that one is clingy? How to identify if you are clingy? Here are some indicators that you may be so

If you have no life of your own and spend every bit of your free time with your Partner
You are always on the lookout for excuses to spend time with your Partner
If you are always on the Phone talking to him/her
Your day begin and end with your Partner
If you are always chatting with your Partner on the Internet
If you are insecure about your Partner/Relationship and wants to spend all your time around the love of your life because of the fear of getting dumped
You are unhappy and depressed the moment your day/date ends and your partner goes home

Clingy Men or Woman can be a huge turn off for their partner as majority of people want time alone or personal space. When a person is not able to have his/her own identity and is always been dominated by the partner it can be very annoying. So if you are constantly calling, whining, questioning or checking up on your Partner it’s time you stopped. Understand that your Boyfriend or Girlfriend has a life outside of yours too. If you are not allowing your partner enough time alone and personal space to be with their friends and family, indulging in hobbies etc, you would be chasing your partner away. This does not mean that you should ignore your loved one. Just make sure that you respect their boundaries and acknowledge them as an individual.

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