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There was this guy Al, that madly fell in love with Andreea, it was love at first sight. The woman of his dreams and no other girl could ever or by any means replace Andreea. Luckily enough it was mutual alright .. Al and Andreea seemed inseparable!

It was beautiful while it lasted though. Walking in park together .. Kissing and hugging for hours .. It was beautiful!

Andreea started to neglect Al completely, she was always negative about the relationship, always being late for dinner and she even thought of moving on….

Everything was working great for both of us, we loved each other a lot. One day she called me while she was at work and told me that we needed to talk…..

Her angelic voice couldn’t scare me that bad … but something was just not right… I felt as if something bad was happening….

It was not the usual time of the day that we talked on the phone and moreover we were both at work .. What could she possibly be so serious about?

……… All I could hear before she hang the phone was — Al, I need some space, I think I found someone else. I’m coming home tonight to pack my stuff, Please BE There!

…That was THE END… My body was all shaking that I could hardly hold the phone .. Suddenly I dropped in on the floor..

I was devastated, I really was devastated at that time. I always knew something was going on … In fact I was desperate and dead jealous………..

Her words stroke me like an arrow right in my heart and the bad part was that she wouldn’t answer the phone for hours… If she wouldn’t even answer my phone let alone trying to ask her for a second chance…

She came home that evening…

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