Dating like a Celebrity

Dating like a Celebrity

Wouldn’t you love to live the life of Leonardo DiCaprio or Cameron Diaz? Imagine being a celebrity and being worshiped and adored by millions of singles around the world! Well, you don’t have fame or that much money, so count out “millions.” However, there’s no reason why you can’t start dating like a movie star and get at least hundreds of people interested in you, locally and online. We call this our “dating like a celebrity” guide. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Looks Mean Something, If Not Everything
When you put yourself on the market, it’s time to pretty yourself up. Girls, doll yourselves up in makeup and a ravishing dress. Coordinate your colors so that your best features stand out. What are you best features? If you’re not sure, ask your friends, families, friendly exes and whoever else is up for a survey. Once you know your greatest assets flaunt and accentuate them in public. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear something skimpy; you can accentuate your best physical assets without giving it away for free, by wearing fashionable clothing. Men should also take pride in their appearance never going anywhere without putting on a decent suit or some slacks with a quality dress shirt. Shower, comb your hair, shave and make sure your colors match. Be careful about wearing anything too “retro”, because you don’t want to earn a reputation as the town nerd. If you’re self conscious about your body then wear clothing designed to hide the imperfections. When you walk in public, pretend as if a camera is on you. Walk powerfully and in an upright posture, wearing a movie star gaze. If no one seems to be talking to you then start making casual conversation with strangers. You don’t have to hit on everybody that moves, but if you see a particularly breathtaking stranger, stop to say hello. Look around the room and make eye contact with the people you like. Go to local events and always have something to do on the weekend. The more you socialize the more people will remember you. If you’re not good at starting conversation, then memorize certain topics that you can bring up. If it helps relax you, travel with groups of friends to well occupied bars, restaurants and clubs.

Enhancing Your Image Online
Take the same approach to beauty as you build an online presence. You could create a dating profile on a Dating Site or you could even start your own webpage. Take some high quality portrait shots of yourself and upload them to the main page of your profile. Fill in the profile information. Instead of merely giving your “stats” try telling a story, or conveying a new thought. Be unpredictable and tell whoever is reading your profile that you are unique in a crowd of bores and wannabes. Make plenty of friends and get involved in major social networking sites, in addition to your regular dating sites. If you make a name for yourself locally by your online actions, then you could become a bit of a small town celebrity, especially if you do business with various local clients. Blog on a regular basis so that people will start to follow your daily goings-on. Did you have a great first date? Blog about it. Was the last person you met a disaster? Blog about it…but maybe avoid naming names, unless you want to start a bout of web drama. Build anticipation for your appearances by announcing that you will be attending local events. Throw your own parties occasionally and invite some of your new local friends. When you do find someone datable, remember that this is just the first of many celebrity dates you will enjoy. If you really want to blow your date’s mind, go to a few of your regular spots (make small talk with people who recognize you) and then go out and do something exciting instead of a boring dinner date. Think roller coasters, theme parks, poetry nights, live concerts, games, seasonal “costume” attractions, or if you (and your date) are very adventurous, hiking or jet-skiing. Just put on the celebrity mind set that says “I’m a big kid at heart and I want to have some fun tonight!” and you can’t go wrong. And if you’re really full of yourself, then give your date a “Best Supporting Actress” statuette. Just smile when you do it, so she’ll know you’re joking.

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