Child Behavior Management — Fun, Easy, and Effective with the Better Behavior Wheel

“How to Turn STUBBORN, UNRULY, TEMPER TANTRUM Throwing Kids into Obedient Well Behaved Kids overnight and Restore PEACE & HARMONY to your Household”

“Experience the Thrill of Well Behaved Kids Overnight with this One-Of-A-Kind, Powerful New Parenting Tool”

Listen! That’s an really interesting question and it’s the main motivation behind why I’m doing all these to help YOU!

There’s a lot of help available for you both online and off. Most of it, however, is either too expensive, too much effort, or just a frustrating waste of time. What I’m about to share with you is simple, inexpensive, fun, and very very effective.

“Hi Julie We’ve received the wheel and are very impressed. We put it together during a planning meet between staff and volunteers and it lead to a great chat about consequences and rewards. We will be using it as a doorprize during a July 16th peer group. The group will be lead by Dr. Phillips, behaviour management specialist. I will let you know if some of our parents would like to order your product. thanks again for your great work.” Darlene Jamieson Executive Director Big Sisters of Nipissing 147 Main St. West, North Bay, ON

Do you still remember the last time you yelled, shouted and punished your children because they misbehaved or did not abide to the rules you’ve set at home? Well those days are now over.

No longer will behavior modification become an us against them issue where you are looked upon as the enemy. The wheel becomes your impartial judge and jury, making your job as a better parent that much easier.

No more disagreements between mom and dad over what to do. (Kids can really exploit that one.) With the Wheel, both of you are now on the same page…

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