A Fun Game to Play on your First Date

Fun Game to Play on your First Date

One can be more successful at the dating game if he/she has some special skills.  

Last Friday, I went out for drinks with a woman I met on match.com. We had some nice, fun, flirtatious conversation before switching bars. When we closed out our tab, I signed my name at the bottom of the check, and then asked her to sign her name on the customers copy of the receipt. “I’m going to analyze your handwriting,” I told her. She was skeptical, but I persisted with a playful smirk on my face. “Come on. How am I going to know what all of your flaws are?” “I don’t think that it really works,” she told me. But after a bit more playful arguing, she finally gave in. I sat there and quietly looked at her signature for a minute or so. After reviewing her hand writing, I look straight up at her. “You’re really hard on herself, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am. Wow, no one has ever been able to say that about me before.” Then I went on to show her how her handwriting suggested my thesis was correct. Truth be told, I had a hunch that she was hard on herself before she signed her name. For a woman as good-looking as she was, she made herself very vulnerable to me within the first hour of our interaction. She sprinkled her conversation with self-deprecating comments. When I looked at her signature, the hook at the end of her T only affirmed what I already knew. My handwriting analysis of her was on a cold reading, but a warm reading. But it was more effective telling using handwriting analysis than conveying the truth directly. Had I told her straight up what my reading of her was, she might have thought I was giving her unsolicited advice or acting overly critical. Somehow, using her handwriting to communicate this to her added a fun aspect. It still showed her that I could read her like a book (something very attractive), but the handwriting allows me to do it without being overly critical. With a different woman, I used tarot cards to “read her.” I got a similar response from her–“wow, that’s probably the most accurate reading I have ever gotten!” The truth is, I was merely looking for clues in the spread apply to her situation. After giving a good reading, most women naturally want to know more. With the girl from Friday, I asked her to write me a couple sentences in cursive. The sentences revealed a whole new set of characteristics about her. She had extremely a loopy lowercase g’s and y’s, an indicator of sexual imagination (this trait that manifested itself later that night). Handwriting analysis are useful for two reasons. First, they build attraction. People always want to know about themselves. When you give an accurate description, they become more attracted to you and see you as a guru. On Friday night, the woman I was with couldn’t stop telling me how “with it” I was. She basically wouldn’t leave me alone until I decided to pin her to the sofa. The other use of handwriting analysis is to determine whether or not you should stick around. I didn’t believe in handwriting analysis at first, but the more people’s handwriting I read, the more I noticed how accurate it really was. With handwriting analysis, you can discover if she has been abused, is compulsive liar, or has chronic anger at the opposite sex. There is scientific evidence to prove that handwriting analysis is accurate, and although it shouldn’t be the final determinant on whether to stay with her or not, it’s a great tool that can supplement your decision-making process.

In order to learn more about handwriting analysis, I would recommend checking out Bart Baggett. His grapho deck is a great pocket tool of learning handwriting analysis, and has gotten me far. This product isn’t that expensive, a few incorporate handwriting analysis (or tarot cards) into your “bag of tricks,” your success with women is going to improve. 

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