3 Tips for Using Eye Contact When On a Date

Maintaining Eye Contact with date

One of the key attributes when having great body language is eye contact. We all hear about the importance of eye contact and how vital it is in the world of flirting. Movies have suffocated eye contact in every first kiss, in every first meeting, in every meaning of raw emotional attraction there is to be shown between two people. A person who lacks the ability to keep their vision aligned with someone else can seem off putting or uninterested. Effective eye contact can make all the difference. When someone takes a few seconds to focus their eyes directly on a person it could send signals down the whole body, leaving them with a nervous flutter that echoes all over their skin. With the growing popularity of eye gazing parties where participants are directed to make eye contact with other people and rate their responses, it’s easy to acknowledge the power of perfect eye contact.

Even with proper practice and a firm grasp on eye contact, there are still many outside factors that highly affect the power of a proper gaze. It is obvious that there are a portion of people who tend to stare in really creepy ways, and that type of behavior is just not welcoming. There are certain elements that separate a creepy person from an attractive person’s ability to make eye contact. A lot of proper eye contact has to do with the rest of the body. The body needs to be adjusted to seem more inviting. When keeping eye contact it’s very important to keep in mind that your whole body can allow a more trusting and attractive personality.

First off, when you stare at someone you want to close your mouth. An open mouth gives off the signal that you’re lost thinking about other things in life. There are two options to use in this position. You could close your mouth completely, this allows you to make tiny signals with your mouth where you could make them smaller to point forward or keep them wide as if to grin at any point. You could also purse your lips, which is seen to be a very sexually enticing thing to do when done correctly. By pursing your lips you don’t close your mouth completely, but you leave a small but significant opening. This position should look as if you’re making a slight exhaling movement.

Secondly, even though it’s seen as a small attribute that’s overlooked, the chin is also a point that helps eye contact. Historically, the size of a person’s chin has been seen to be a measure of their confidence and dominance. That’s why long beards were always seen to be fashionable in past time periods. By elongating your chin you could automatically be perceived as more confident.

Thirdly, the position of your neck is a very significant factor to your eye contact. You might’ve noticed that in most fashion magazines there’s a lot of focus put on the structure of a model’s neck. The length of your neck is a very vital quality when attracting people. A scrunched up neck gives off the feeling that you lack a sense of confidence. Since the neck becomes the focal point, it’s really important to adjust your spine, shoulders, chest, and stomach because the neck is really dependent on all of these features. These simple tips can help you create stronger, more memorable interactions with your dates and improve your dating success.

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